The lesson of God's power in Creation is shared in this story. The contrast of gratefulness and ungratefulness is shown to encourage children to see and appreciate God's hand in Creation as well as help parents share foundational truths of the Gospel with their children.

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One of the ways Effects of Grace shares God's Word is through teaching and preaching at local churches. We post many of the audio files online for you to listen and share!

Eastside Baptist Group of Churches is a group of Bible-believing and preaching churches. They have a great desire to preach God's Word. Effects of Grace Ministries is partnering to help them in this mission, as well as meet some of their physical needs.

A teaching ministry established to help local churches lead people know Jesus Christ, to grow in faith and do good works.  



Parents have help in teaching their children the power and awe of God shown in His creation.  "Who Made the Sandwich?" is the first book in a series that will help parents creatively teach the Gospel to their children.



In partnership with Eastside Christian Academy in the Philippines, you can have an active role in providing a biblical education, food and clothing in Christ's name. 

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